Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of our most common questions! If your question is not answered on this page, please visit our Contact Us page or send an email to!


Mystery boxes are pretty similar to pre-packaged gift sets or a monthly subscription box in that they contain a collection of items are centered around a specific theme, like wicca or feminism. The buyer can request specific products, but they will not know the contents of the box until it arrives. Think of it like getting a gift from yourself TO yourself! 

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Because many of the items in our mystery boxes are vintage or one-of-a-kind, we cannot guarantee a mystery box identical to the photos. We have a wide variety of possible items and actual contents vary from person to person. We will, however, take into account anything you include in the personalization section as best we can.

While we do not officially sell a "goblincore" mystery box, our Corvidcore Mystery Box may be just the thing you are looking for! It contains lots of oddities, trinkets, and shiny items that are sure to please any crow out there. Goblins with hooked noses and an obsession with hoarding money were created based on a Jewish stereotype, so we chose to use an alternate name that still reflects the same themes. 

It depends on if you are purchasing individual crystals or a mystery box. And if you are purchasing a mystery box, what kind.

Here is the run-down:

  • Is it an individual crystal? -> if yes, then it does NOT come with information. This is available on the listing for each crystal
  • Is it a crystal mystery box? -> if yes, then it comes with information
  • Is it a witchy mystery box? -> if yes, then it comes with information
  • Is it a corvidcore, fairycore, or any other type of mystery box? -> if yes, then it does NOT come with information. Please contact us after receipt if you would like us to provide it

Slips include with the crystal and witchy boxes give the crystal's identity, metaphysical properties, and ways that it can be used. If you would like more information on the crystals once you receive your mystery box, feel free to send us a message and we would be happy to provide that for you! 

Ethical Sourcing

In today's market, it can be very difficult to determine the origin of your crystals and what went into to getting them in the first place. It's for this reason that we want to be as transparent as we can about our suppliers. All crystals are sourced from small, family-owned mines that are regularly reviewed for proper safety, fair wages, and no child labor. Products are mined in a way that does minimal damage to the Earth and sustainable practices are maintained by the wholesalers we purchase from. There are some crystals that we do not purchase from specific locations (such as lapis lazuli in Afghanistan), as they fund wars and qualify as conflict minerals. Please contact us if you would like more information on individual crystals. All crystals are ethically sourced, high quality, and natural, except for those not found in nature, such as opalite and angel aura. 

We purchase from the following wholesalers. Please visit their sites for specific policies. Beyond Bohemian and Enter the Earth are our primary suppliers.

Animal welfare is important to us here at Boxford Comma. It is for that reason, that we only sell bones of animals that have died of natural causes (predation, age, injury, etc.), were roadkill, or were killed by government-mandated culling of invasive species. Very rarely, we will offer game pieces. These items are vintage and were purchased second-hand, making it difficult to trace the original source. 


The wholesalers we primarily purchase bones from are listed below. Please visit their sites for specific policies. Vintage pieces are purchased from estate sales and rat/mouse bones are extracted from owl pellets.

The Short Answer: Probably not, but it depends on the type of bird.

The Long Answer: The Migratory Bird Treaty Act is a series of treaties protecting migratory birds in the United States and several other countries. Any species on this list are not allowed to be killed, captured, sold, traded, or transported without prior authorization from the Fish and Wildlife Service. The vast majority of U.S. birds are on this list. It is for that reason, that Boxford Comma does not offer any wild bird bones in our shop, however we occasionally have domestic chicken and turkey bones. Please contact us at for any questions pertaining to animal bone availability.

This is a very common question with a very clear answer: YES! All of the shark teeth we offer are fossils! 

Here in the US, we are most familiar with black shark teeth because those are the ones that wash up on our shores in Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, and more! In Morocco, however, shark teeth are mined in the same way that crystals are. They come directly from phosphate reserves. Fossils are made when minerals surrounding the tooth seep into it, slowly replacing the tooth enamel. As phosphate is a white-sand color, that is the color of the final fossil!

When it comes to whether or not Lapis Lazuli can be ethically sourced, the answer is both yes and no.

The deep blue jewelry-grade variety of Lapis Lazuli really only comes from Afghanistan. Sale of this stone is used to fund war and has been classified as a conflict mineral by Global Witness. We do not offer this variety in our shop.

Chile and India both have deposits of lower-grade Lapis Lazuli. These varieties are not as dark as Afghan Lapis and often have large grey or white veins. They are less expensive than Afghan Lapis and are primarily mined in small family-owned mines in limited volumes, as there is a much higher demand for Afghan Lapis. All the Lapis Lazuli we offer in our shop is sourced from either Chile or India.

Yes, the use of sage sticks for smudging is a closed practice among native individuals. When we started our shop, we were unaware of the cultural significance, but have since been informed by customers and done more research to educate ourselves. We opted to donate the rest of the sage we had available and no longer offer it within the Witchy boxes.

So, then, why is it still in the pictures? We hope that any individuals who are seeking to use smudge sticks will see the sage in our images and go to our listings. From there, they will see a sub-header of "Sage sticks no longer available, see description." In the description, we explain the closed practice and the hope is that individuals who otherwise would purchase sage would opt for an alternate form of cleansing. 


At this time, no.

The US requires a Fish and Wildlife Service Import/Export License to ship products derived from wild animals and plants out of country. As our company does not currently hold this license, many animal oddities and plant products will not be available to ship internationally. Domesticated animal products may still be available. 

Domestic (USA) orders over $60 qualify for free economy shipping, that may take 5-7 days to arrive after shipment. Shipping for all other orders is calculated at checkout by order weight and delivery distance.

See our full shipping policy here.

Returns/Exchanges/Replacement Items

We're sorry to hear you're not happy with your order! Contact us at to start a return.

We do not offer exchanges for entire mystery boxes, but if you purchased an individual mystery item and are not satisfied with the one received, we may be able to provide an exchange. Contact us at for more information.

Absolutely! We offer both the option to get a replacement item as similar to the broken item as possible (for example, a teacup for a teacup) or a partial refund for the cost of the broken product. Replacement items may take a week to ship, depending on the number of open orders we have. 

Custom orders

Use this link for custom order information and to submit a request! Custom requests will be completed in the order they were received.

Custom mystery boxes can be created for any budget, whether that be as low as $10 or as high as $200! If you are looking for one of similar size to our available themes, the prices are as follows:

  • Extra Small (XS) - $20
  • Small (S) - $30
  • Medium (M) - $45
  • Large (L) - $65

If the contents of your custom mystery box can be pulled from our available stock, then no additional fees apply. If you request items or styles we do not currently have on-hand then an additional fee of 10% will be added to your order.


Because Boxford Comma is a small business, we enjoy offering products from other small businesses in our mystery boxes. Typically, we will just order products wholesale from these businesses, but occasionally we will partner with them. 

The partner company and Boxford Comma will work together to create a completely new product that is available exclusively in our mystery boxes. Examples of past partnerships include:

  • Skull keychains with Nate Illustrates
  • Mushroom headbands with Alex Lynn Crafts
  • Pearl earrings with Hummingbird Trinkets

Send an email to with information about your business and products. Please include example images and an ACTIVE SHOP link. We will not partner with anyone that is not currently selling their own products through a valid channel. This could be your own website, an Etsy shop, an Instagram shop, etc. 

If you have ideas for possible products, please include that information as well. This is not required, as our shop owner will work with you to come up with a product that will fit with our mystery box themes, but we welcome any and all ideas.

Please do not contact us to sell any services; we are not interested. This includes but is not limited to: website editing, packaging design, social media management, and advertising services.

Maybe. We accept sponsorships on a very limited basis.

Please send an email to and include information about your company, the product/service you offer, and possible compensation.

We are not accepting affiliates at this time. This is subject to chance, so please check this page for any updates.

Possibly! Accounts that have at least 200,000 followers may be eligible to receive a free large mystery box of prefered theme in exchange for an unboxing video on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube. Contact us at with a link to your qualifying social media account for more information.

Accounts must already be following Boxford Comma and make content that aligns with the mystery box theme hoping to be received. For example, if your account is primarily focused on nature content/foraging, you may be eligible to receive a Corvidcore mystery box, but not a Royalcore box.