Custom orders are currently closed.

Custom orders open the first Saturday of every month at 5pm EDT! If no slots are currently available, check back in a month.

Interested in ordering a blend of themes or creating a new one just for you? Send us a request for a custom order! The customization process is below.

  1. Submit a custom order request. Include an explanation of what you are looking for, as well as budget. The more thorough your message, the better we can curate your mystery box!
  2. A team member will reach out with further questions. You may be asked to create a Pinterest board containing images related to your desired aesthetic and/or specific items you would like.
  3. We determine the cost of your custom order. If you want a mystery box similar to our standard sizes, the prices will be as follows: XS - $20, S - $30, M - $45, L - $65, although we can provide mystery boxes of any value. If the theme you've requested can be pulled from our inventory, then the price will be as seen above. If new items must be acquired for your box, a 10% research fee will be included on your order.
  4. Custom listing will be sent to buyer. If no new items are needed, this will be sent immediately. Otherwise, listing will be sent once research has been done and source of products has been determined.
  5. If necessary, new items will be purchased. This is the longest stage and may take up to 3 weeks. 
  6. Your mystery box is packed and shipped! Your order should be shipped within 3 weeks of payment and usually takes 2-4 days to arrive!

10 slots are available per release!

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