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Large Witchy Mystery Box
Rebecca Sinclair (Ontario, Canada)
Great Witchy Box

Decent quality, cool selections, everything comes with descriptions on line shops of paper. Beautiful pieces and I'm very happy with what I got! Thanks

Medium Witchy Mystery Box
Haley Northington (Tennessee, United States)
So beyond worth it!!

Loved everything about this box! The tarot deck is perfect and super cute for spring/summer!

Extra Small Academia Mystery Box
Gabrielle Armstrong (Michigan, United States)
Extra Small Academia Box

Loved all of my items! Super cute and perfectly fit the aesthetic!

Large Cottagecore Mystery Box
Catherine Finnigan (California, United States)

Large Cottagecore Mystery Box

The Crow's Collection™
Julia Prince (Pennsylvania, United States)
A delight!

I'm really happy with all that I received it's exactly the things I expected from this collection. I also adore the little pouch bag I got for my little scoop of goodies! Definitely going to check out more from this shop in the future <3

The Crow's Collection™
Drew Romero (Florida, United States)
I loved this!

This was so cute! I got a bunch of dnd dice, some coins, a couple of cute bracelets, and a bunch of teeth that im totally making into a necklace! i loved it so much and it was a great purchase

The Crow's Collection™
AG Anthony (Minnesota, United States)
Incredible Collection Again

It all arrived quickly and intact I got what I asked for and more! The items are so lovely and I always trade them with my little cousin, who enjoys the trinkets as much as I do. the figures and bead are always so pretty and the stones and bells are fantastic! my favorites are the butterfly wings but nothing in the crow collection disappoints :)

Medium Academia Mystery Box
Aislynn Ott (Utah, United States)
Absolutely Wonderful

I couldn't believe the detail and thought put into this box, it was amazing! I loved everything in my box and I cannot wait to get another one! Highly recommend!!!

Extra Small Jewelry Mystery Box
Anonymous (Wisconsin, United States)
Alright but…

I ordered the hypoallergenic option (more expensive) and got a ring that turned my finger blue. Sad that I had to pay extra to get exactly what I didn’t want. Overall, the other item (enamel pin) was cute, but was a major disappointment about the ring. Can’t find the enamel pin at this moment, but it’s a cute little cat with a mushroom and microphone I believe. Attached is the ring photos :(

Cottagecore Badger Plushie
Semiah Chartrand (Manitoba, Canada)

He is king and I love him

Pre-order: Mystery Dagger
Scribe Puffin (Tennessee, United States)

Both daggers (I always try to do a basic and premium) are fantastic.
One was so pretty and had pretty etchings and the other was heavy and practical looking.

Both got here quickly and safely

Large Piratecore Mystery Box
Scribe Puffin (Tennessee, United States)
Large pirate core box

All the items in it were just so neat to unpack. A couple good costume items, and neat nicknacks

Medium Jewelry Mystery Box
Lilly Franca (Oklahoma, United States)
Medium/Small Jewelry Mystery Box

I love everything I got in my mystery box I can't pick just one favorite because I think every piece is my favorite.

I will be buying from here again and I will be telling my friends about Boxford Comma.

Pre-order: Mystery Dagger
Emily Hafen (Nevada, United States)
Pre-order: Mystery Dagger

The dagger was amazing! Much larger than I thought it would be but it looks amazing!

Small Piratecore Mystery Box

The Crow's Collection™
Maya Willms (Ontario, Canada)

I'm so pleased with what I got. I ordered a scoop of the Crows Collection, and was pleased to find that my scoop not only managed to honour my requests for what I would like in the scoop, but it also managed to be interesting enough that the things I got were a surprise! This was a gift for my boyfriend, and he's very happy with it :)

The Crow's Collection™
mellohi asher (Minnesota, United States)

its so slay

Medium Fairycore Mystery Box
Emily (Pennsylvania, United States)
Absolutely loved!

Every box is worth the money and more. It was perfectly on theme and everything. I’m moving out soon and need stuff to help decorate but don’t have the best eye for aesthetic things. This really helps solve that problem :) Will continue to buy from here and anyone else definitely should too

Large Jewelry Mystery Box
Icarus Golding (Washington, United States)

Large Jewelry Mystery Box

Pre-order: Mystery Dagger
Hanna Clayton, Carlos (Illinois, United States)
It's a dagger

It's a dagger, paid 23 dollars after shipping. Its not bad. Found very similar daggers off Amazon for 17$ or less. It shipping was on time, and the packaging was cute. I wasn't super impressed but I did enjoy the experience.

Small Bits and Bobs Mystery Box
Kayara Kruppenbacher (Florida, United States)

This is our 3rd order, first time trying the bits and bobs mystery box, and it was absolutely perfect! It was an Easter Gift for my daughter, we got it today (she knew it would not be here on Easter as I ordered it after lol) she was so surprised and so happy! She loved everything especially the Keychain and the patch and the butterfly pin was so dainty and pretty! This is an absolute perfect gift for all ages and cannot wait to order again! 💗

Pre-order: Mystery Dagger
Solu Chukwuemeka (Texas, United States)

Its honestly the coolest thing i own its really good quality too

Medium Corvidcore Mystery Box
Autumn Wilson (Kentucky, United States)

Medium Corvidcore Mystery Box

Large Jewelry Mystery Box
S.W. (Nevada, United States)
I was underwhelmed but I got what I ordered

The last mystery box I ordered was nicer, but it could just be that I wasn't as into the theme of this one. That's how it goes with mystery boxes sometimes and that's ok.

Medium Jewelry Mystery Box
Paige La Rue (Tennessee, United States)

Medium Jewelry Mystery Box