About Us

Boxford Comma is a queer woman-owned business that got its start on Etsy selling one thing: curated mystery boxes. Some based on aesthetics like cottagecore, some based on purpose like stationery, and some as a combination of everything else! Each box is customized based on any requests to suit you and you alone.

Since our founding in May 2021, sales have grown immensely and requests have soared. We have since expanded our business to include new mystery box themes, the sale of individual items, custom order requests, and more! We are constantly on the lookout for new themes to add, new items to include, or general ways that we can improve our business. 

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your order, whether it be a mystery box, one of our adorable stuffed animals, or a batch of the Crow's Collection, lives up to your expectations and we want nothing more than for you to open your package and feel the same excitement one gets from opening the perfect gift on a meaningful occasion.