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Extra Small Witchy Mystery Box

Now featuring anointment oils!

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Do you practice witchcraft? Our Witchy Mystery Box has many ingredients and tools for spells and rituals. Or maybe you just like the look of the witchy aesthetic. We offer jewelry, t-shirts, and other accessories to suit your every wiccan desire!

All boxes will include any mix of the items below, however primary purpose for your box can be selected. Primarily useful mystery boxes will include more spell ingredients, crystal, tools, etc. than the aesthetic box. Aesthetic mystery boxes will include more jewelry, hair pins, shirts, etc. than the useful box.

All mystery boxes contain crystals unless requested otherwise. You may choose between individual crystals with information about their uses or crystal confetti, a mixture of full-size crystals, crystal chips, chip jars, keys, and herb jars. Because crystal confetti is made up of many items, it does not contain information about individual crystals and their purposes, however if you would like to know this, please send us a message with photos of the crystals in question.

Here are the typical number of main items within each size mystery box.

  • XS: 1-3 for Aesthetic, 3-5 for Useful, 2-4 for Mix, + crystals
  • S: 2-4 for Aesthetic, 4-6 for Useful, 3-5 for Mix, + crystals
  • M: 3-5 for Aesthetic, 5-7 for Useful, 4-6 for Mix, + crystals
  • L: 4-6 for Aesthetic, 6-8 for Useful, 5-7 for Mix, + crystals

Potential items include:

  • Anointment oils 
  • Spell ingredients
  • Crystals
  • Spell jars
  • Incense + burners
  • Candles
  • Keys
  • Pendulums
  • Astrology dice
  • Tarot/Oracle cards (some with physical guide books, some digital)
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Hair pins
  • Embroidered patches
  • Enamel pins
  • Stickers
  • Individual tarot cards
  • Mortar and pestles
  • T-shirts (S-XL)
  • Coin purses
  • Storage boxes
  • Coaster sets
  • Chalices
  • Bells
  • Singing bowls
  • Air fresheners
  • Trinket dishes

We are no longer including white sage sticks in the mystery boxes anymore. Smudging rituals using sage sticks are a closed practice for native individuals. As we are not a native-owned business, it does not seem appropriate to include them in our shop. All of our sage sticks have been donated to native groups. Incense is a great substitute for cleansing spaces and we have plenty available!

If your purchase is a gift for someone, please include recipient name and occasion in Personalization.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Barbara Bogerman (New Jersey, United States)

I loved it.even though it was small it was still packed with nice stuff.

Ted Heavner (New York, United States)
My boyfriend really enjoyed it!

Very cute! Included crystals and a card which explained what every crystal was. There were also herbs and a tarot card, and some stickers. A very cute and overall good box and opening experience!